My friends and I…..well we can really get our nerd on when it comes down to it.




We love our superheroes, we’ve shown up at the movies in full blown costume for movies like The Avengers, Thor 2, and Iron Man.   Some of my friends will have comic book days that includes a couch, a few people, and dozens of comics as they sift through them reading about the newest adventures of their favorite hero.

In fact, we got so absorbed in the superhero world we starting giving each other characters that strangely resembled our own personal strengths.  My one friend is Thor, another one Iron Man, I happen to be the Hulk (the best superhero btw) and so on and so forth.  At this point we have handed out about 40 different characters to 40 different people.


What makes superheroes so cool is that they can do something that we can’t, and that they have abilities unique to only them.   Batman tackles problems a different way than Superman does,  Thor has a hammer, Iron Man has his tech.  They all have unique abilities that make them….them!



Why am I saying all this?  Because people are unique.  People are so unique that no other you has every existed.  Ever.

You know why you’re not one in a million?  Because you’re 1 in forever.  No one on the planet has your exact personality, your exact traits, looks, talents, abilities.


This is what is so amazing about people is that God makes no replicates. He doesn’t run out of creativity when it comes to His creation.   You are made by God, and there’s only of you.  Your soul is unique to your body and no one else can ever be you. We can often feel like we are not worth it, that we are so flawed, that we are just 1 in a couple billion.  But the truth is that no one else is your combination of human.  You have been created, set here on earth at this exact time and place because only you can handle the situation your in.  Only you have the ability to handle where you are, and no one on earth is living the life you are living.


You are truly unique, handcrafted by God only once, never will another one of you come around.   This doesn’t make you superior to other people but it makes you unique in  the midst of people.


So many times we can be envious of other people, wishing we were them, wishing we had their position in life, wishing we had the talent that they have, all the while neglecting ourselves and the abilities God has given us that no one else has.     To be envious of other people is to tell God that the body, traits, and personality He gave you is not good enough.  The irony of that is thinking that the clay knows more about pottery then the potter does.



Walk in confidence in who you were created to be because you are once in a lifetime.


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