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You Follow Jesus? Welcome to Full Time Ministry.

If you’ve read any of my posts before then you’ve heard me say that I believe if you’re a Christian you’re automatically in full time ministry. I want to expound on this thought because I really believe it’s one of the key things to help change our mindset when it comes to living our faith out tangibly every day as opposed to keeping it inside and expressing it through just things that our American Christian culture has deemed spiritual.

Ministry is a funny word. It’s funny because at it’s most basic definition it means to serve. When you minister to someone you are essentially serving them in some way. You’re helping to address physical needs, spiritual needs or emotional needs that the person can benefit from. Christ is the ultimate example because in His ministry (think service) He served people in all three areas.

Why is this important? Because, as a good friend of mine says, if we are around people then we have the opportunity to minister. As opposed to the common idea of ministry, that is someone who is a professional minister or someone who serves on Sunday morning during a Church meeting, ministry is for every believer everywhere all the time. This is exactly how we express the tangible Jesus to people by ministering to them. It doesn’t have to always be in elaborate ways. Sometimes it’s being friendly to the clerk behind the counter, or talking to your waiter who you know is having a really bad day. Other times someone might need some work done around the house or someone to talk to. Ministry is a huge word and it encompasses the life of the believer. In fact it is our duty as followers of Christ to minister to people we meet everywhere.

It’s difficult to break the habits in which we use words. Often times when I say ministry people think of a Church program, or something that has to do with Church meetings. Although ministry encompasses that, it’s not limited to inside the Church walls and what happens in our meetings. Our definition of ministry must be expanded. Why? Because Christ was always ministering to people OUTSIDE the Church. Jesus was always with the people that society deemed unapproachable and the religious elite saw as too filthy to touch (sound familiar?). This is the people who need to be served the most. The ones society has given up on.

What’s this look like practically for us? Well we all have different lives, different jobs, families, we live across the globe and yet we can all minister. The job you have, what does it look like when you view it as your ministry, not just your job? Who are the people that are in your life that you can serve? Maybe it’s your wife, maybe it’s the guy in the cubicle next to you, or maybe it’s the barista who hands you your latte every morning. We all have people in our life that we can serve in some way. You’re life is your ministry, live it that way – TW

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  1. Rob McMichael

    June 25, 2013 at 9:16 am

    I was helping renovate an old church one time and there were still some things hanging around from the congregation before it closed. One of the things that has always stuck in my memory was the sign above the front door on the inside of the building. It was just 5 words but made a very large point. It said, “Welcome to your mission field.”

    I think that is exactly the point you are making, Tim. We have confined Christianity to a particular building during a particular time. The Gospel is preached and Christianity is lived. We need both. If what we speak isn’t what we are living then why on earth would anyone want “what we have?” I will be the first to admit that often times in the past I’ve failed to let God control every part of my life but some wise words I heard this weekend was “If He isn’t Lord of it all He isn’t Lord at all.” If we throw God the proverbial bone of service on Sunday during a church meeting but live the rest of the week how we want then we cannot say He is really our Lord because He asks us to give up everything. It is all or nothing. We each have a calling on our lives in exactly where He has us now. Are we faithful in what He has us doing now?

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