Have you ever struggled with doubt as a follower of Jesus and couldn’t understand why or how to even deal with it?  Perhaps you have asked yourself “What happens when a Christian doubts?”  Let us be the first to say, you are not alone!  We have struggled with everything from “Is there even a God, really” to “Is living a moral life really worth it?”  And, these are really struggles that at some point, every believer goes through in one degree or another.  Not everyone’s doubt is the same but I think there are similar ways to approach and address the doubt in our lives.  This is the first episode of a two part series on doubt in the Christian’s life and how to recognize and address it biblically.  In these episodes we reference Job’s circumstance as well as that of the Psalm of Asaph (Psalm 73).   It is comforting to know that when a Christian doubts, it is not something foreign to God and there are scriptural examples and principles that we can go to that will help us in these times to grow!


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