I think its a common thing to consider, “What does God want from me?”  I have often found myself trying to “figure out” what it is that God wants from me.  How on Earth am I to know what the God of eternity wants me to do?  Should I be really concerned about my choice of Raisin Bran over Cheerios this morning because maybe it was “God’s will” for me to eat the Cheerios?  Of course, I am not saying that God doesn’t care about our decisions and that whatever we decides becomes the will of God.  What I have had on my mind for some time isn’t a 10 step process to figure out what God’s will is in every situation.  I do have a one step process to know the mind of God.  I’m sure more able men/women could spend months explaining what I’m going to say in just a few words.

What I do not understand is that the answer to the question of knowing God’s will seems somewhat simple to me.  Let’s look at it a different way for a second.  My mom and dad have been together for over 30 years.  I think it is safe to say that they know each other pretty well.  My dad can be out at the store and can pick up a few things for my mom without calling and asking.  He can easily make decisions based on what my mom would want or like.  Why is that?  I would venture to say it is because he knows her.  Would it not make sense to apply that to God?  How am I to know God’s will?  Would it not be by knowing God?  I don’t know if that is too simplistic but it makes complete sense to me.

It is no surprise to most, especially Tim, that my favorite book of the Bible is Romans.  Well, I’m not getting this from Romans so fear not.  If I had to pick the wisest person in the Bible (beside God) I have a name in my mind that I would put in there right away.  Who would you say holds that place?

My opinion?  Oh I would go with Solomon.  So, if I am looking for someone to explain to me how I can “know God’s will” or “know God” who better to rely on than Solomon?  Let me take you to my favorite verse.  This verse has challenged me and changed me more than any other single verse

 My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.       ~Proverbs 23:26

What a tremendous request.  God isn’t here asking for my knowledge, my money, my time, my education, my job, my car, etc.  Giving away all of my possessions won’t bring me an inch closer to God.  Giving away all of my money won’t find me more favor with the Lord.  Giving all of my time to benefit others won’t lift me to a better standing before God.  God is asking for my heart.

So how does this all go together?  Well, in my mind, it goes something like this.  Giving God my heart is really the epitome of submission and all out devotion.  Is that not what we mean when we say about athletes that “he plays with all his heart” or about a guy, “he gave her his heart?”  It is the deepest and truest meaning of giving something or someone your all.  God requires our submission and devotion.  In return?  He gives us Himself.  Oswalt Chambers once wrote, ” It is not that you have gotten God, but that He has gotten you.” Obviously, the more God has of us the more we will want to do for Him.  But it starts with giving God my heart.  I shouldn’t have to sit for months on a decision about what God wants me to do.  If God had my heart and I knew Him as I should, it would be so very easy to say “oh well this is what God would want.”  That all comes from spending time with Him in prayer, reading His Bible, talking with Him, meditating about Him, and enjoying Him in so many ways.  The key is to first give Him my heart.  The rest will follow.  God will never force someone to follow Him (not even a true Christian).  We are free-will beings and have the choice to follow Him.  When I gave God my heart my perspective changed and I started to see things as God sees them.  My view is still cloudy sometimes but I believe in Proverbs 23:26 we are given the promise that we can observe the ways of God!

How do we figure out God’s will?
We get to know God!

How do we know God?
We give Him our hearts and let Him do the rest!

What does God REALLY want?
Our hearts!

With a word the world came to be
and the sun did rule the sky.
With a breath the land came from sea
and the mountains did grow high.
My voice cried forth and brought to life
all the creatures I had made.
But with a breath I rolled the dice
on this man before me laid.
In everything that I had done
and the love I would impart,
I could not stop this war begun
or take from him his heart.
Pleading with man to just stay near,
not wander far from me,
I sent my Son, His mission clear,
to die upon a tree.
His cross cries out louder than words
the reason he came to die.
Yet the message remains unheard
as salvation you deny.
I do not ask what you can do
or give to do your part.
Instead my call goes out to you,
“My son, give me your heart”