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The Sore Losers…..Christians

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I can’t take it anymore.  I don’t know when the word conservative became synonymous with the word Christian

Many Christians don’t like being told they’re wrong.  I don’t know why this is, maybe we think that because we have the truth of Jesus we are right about everything else.  Who knows, but that’s besides the point.  I’m here to say that the way I’ve seen many Christians handle the election results in the past 12 hours has been embarrassing.  So much so that I’m cringing through my Facebook feed saying to myself “Have we lost our identity? Have we forgotten that a follower of Christ believes that God is ultimately in control?”.   Really, you’d think the world just about ended because Obama got re-elected.  Well let me tell you Christians out there whining and complaining and saying RIDICULOUS things like how now we are going to be an islamic country; Shutup and pray.

Growing up as a Christian if there is one thing that’s been drilled in to my pint sized brain, it’s to always trust God because He is in control.  I’ve been told that God is always good no matter what, and that ultimately we can’t trust man fully, but we can trust God fully.  Apparently all of this goes right out the window during an election time because that’s the opposite of what I’ve been seeing in my newsfeed and hearing from people who claim to be Christians.  I’ve heard doom and gloom, I’ve heard jokes about Obama being a muslim, I’ve heard people say that they are moving to Canada.  What happened to trusting the Lord? You think this is a surprise to Him?  See, this is when so many of your colors really come out, you really don’t trust God when it comes to electing a democrat in to the White House do you? You don’t want to pray for the man, you don’t want to support him and find common ground.  All you want to do is fight, fight, fight.  Also I wonder how many of you who bash Obama give time to your local community serving them.  The change you want starts with YOU, instead though, you’d rather wait for a republican in office to fix the problems you think you have.  Why don’t you pick yourself up by your own bootstraps and start changing the local community around you by volunteering time, or getting involved in local politics?  Oh that’s right, you’d rather wait for someone else to do it.

Look let me wake you guys up out of your bubble.  The majority of the world doesn’t live like how we do.  Billions of people live in poverty, billions of people don’t have clean water, a decent place to sleep, or other basic necessity’s.  You think every country has peaceful elections?  You live in a country where not only can you bash your leader (And trust me, you Christians do it SO well), but you can do it in public without the threat of being silenced.   This election cycle was heartbreaking to me.  Seeing SO many weekly “church attenders” who pray to a God who sent his Son to died for humanity, turn around during the week and hurl insults at the leader of the greatest nation on earth says something.  Trust me the world see’s that more clearly than you attending a church service once a week.

Here’s my bottom line, Christians need to shut their mouth and stop reciting Limbaugh talking points, and they need to get on their knees and pray for our leaders.  Prayer is a MUCH more powerful tool then arguing so I suggest you use it.  Look at where the past four years or complaining, insulting, and yelling got us.   Nowhere.

It’s time to hand the political reigns over to God.  Look, there’s nothing you can do about Obama being re-elected besides pray.  You can’t change it, you can’t put Romney in, it’s over.  The American people have spoken and they have chosen Obama.  Why don’t you be a good example of Christ and give to Caesars what is Caesars instead of griping and complaining about how bad your American life is.


  1. “Shut up and pray.” I gotta paint that on my wall or something, that’s golden right there. I agree, Facebook today made me cringe, both for sore loser and sore winners (I have extremist friends). Everybody calm down, the world will keep on spinning. And if the US ends, how is it more the fault of the last guy who pushed us over and less of the hundreds who pushed us towards the edge before him?

    • Haha when you put it like that it does have a ring to it. I have friends on both sides of the aisle as well. I expect people who don’t follow Jesus to be gloaters and to rub it in. I don’t expect that from Christ followers. Obama got elected (again) and we’re still here!

  2. VERY well put! I agree! I understand being concerned for the country and our future here on Earth, but what you have written couldn’t be more true. As Christians we should pray and put our faith in God. What He wants is what will be.

  3. Your comment, “The change you want starts with YOU, instead though, you’d rather wait for a republican in office to fix the problems you think you have”. I don’t have that issue my disappointment is that people are turning away from god in the USA which was founded on godly principles. I can only speak for myself…Have served my community as an elected official for many years and never once compromised my faith to get elected or lied about my competion for political gain. Have served the Church for over 40 years. My family is supporting our pastor who is adopting a baby from Uguanda and we do our part of praying for this country and YES we believe GOD is in control. I pray that the folks in this country will turn back to God and worship him. I personally pray that each person in this world repents which if the exit polls were right last night a lot of folks are going to split HELL wide open.. As a person who is stricken with an illness that is progressing my life is coming to an end and I will be face to face with my destiny soon and will have to answer for my shortcomings in life. I personally pray that each person has the opportunity to examine their heart before they have to meet GOD. So you see in the scheme of things “eternity” is only one heartbeat away and it really doesn’t matter about who is President of the US. Where were you tonight? We prayed for our sick, our lost, you and our country tonight in Wednesday Night Prayer service.

  4. I’m sorry wiley I’m having a hard time understand your comment. Especially the end where you said “Where were you tonight? We prayed for our sick, our lost, you and our country tonight in Wednesday Night Prayer service”. I’m not following.

  5. Good stuff. I was just about tired of evangelicalism before the election process. Afterwards I couldn’t stomach it anymore. It’s not God’s way at all.

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