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The Social Media Christian

So, it has been a while since I have posted on this blog that Tim has tried to take complete control of.  Regardless, I have to come back and make a stand to make sure he doesn’t get total domination of the webspace.  Life got pretty busy with getting married and all so all time I had set aside for this blog was swept away.  Alas, I have returned with somewhat of a burden on my mind.  Really, this is something that I’ve been hit with over the months and years and hopefully you can take some simple lesson from what I have already been shown by God in my own life.

In no way am I attempting to downplay Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or any other social medium.  I think they are great inventions and have totally changed our lives, for the better or worse is up to you.  However, I have started to notice a trend.  I think Tim has previously made comments about what has been on my mind.  I started to notice in my own life the trend of “social media Christianity.”  I fear this trend isn’t stopping in my own experience though.

Let’s start with a verse:

Galatians 1:10

“For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

I wrote a post about “Men Pleasers” before but that is not really my concern here.  My concern is social media being our “Christian life.”

I am certainly not saying these are bad things but when this list is what defines us as a “Christian” or not then we have some real issues:
1. Amount of quotes from missionaries/martyrs.

2. How many status/tweets we have about God.

3. Our “religious views” have the best gospel packed into a short phrase.

4. Daily “like” of awesomely Christian things.

5. Amount of sharing of KLOVEs (or any other groups/stations) photo/story/status.

You get the idea.  When our friends post something spiritual we are the first to like it, because that’s what good Christians do, right?  We say “amen” or whatever.  Is that what God had in mind for Christianity in 2012?

“Social Media Christianity?”

I saw this trend creeping into my own life.  My facebook presence claimed Christ but my life maybe wasn’t up to my social media status.  But as long as I come across as spiritual on Facebook/myspace/twitter I’ll be ok.  Definitely how God works.  I even “liked” God on facebook! (Because God has a facebook of course).

I think it’s time we took a lesson from Paul.  What does he say?

Philippians 1:21

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

Paul had the idea that the essence of living (true life) was Christ.  Read through Romans and you will see Paul’s burden for a life of the Gospel.  If facebook was around in the first century I’m sure Paul wouldn’t have spent his time liking Peter’s status about casting out a demon or preaching at Pentecost.  He wouldn’t have tried to friend Stephen’s family (whose clothes were cast at Saul’s feet) after he accepted Christ as his savior.  Paul had a one-mind mission of getting the gospel to the Gentiles.  His life was unquestionably 100% for God.  He didn’t have to have a social media page telling the world he was a Christian because the whole world already knew.

In America, I feel we have developed this attitude of Social Media Christianity and if we can just convince everyone else that we are awesome Christians we can convince ourselves and God too.  God doesn’t want our facebooks and twitter accounts (although they can, have, and will be used by and for God).  God wants us to be consistent.  I guess that is the core of my thoughts.  Consistency.

Too many times I’ve seen myself, and many others, that are living two separate lives depending on where you look.  The social media Christian cries out for God but behind the scenes has a much different agenda.  People should not have to go to my facebook and see that I’m a Christian, nor should they be surprised when they are on facebook and see that I am one…. Get that?  I shouldn’t have to scream and shout about my faith in Christ.  My life should be consistent with Christ himself.

Social Media Christianity is another tool used of Satan himself to discredit a life saved by Christ.  The world isn’t stupid and is actually more scrutinizing of those who claim to have a joy/peace/life that this world can’t offer.  But when the world sees the same attitude, lifestyle, and mindset in one that is Christ’s… well I guess they have no reason to desire what we have.



  1. I definitely agree about the whole ‘double-life’ thing (my naivete would like to believe that doesn’t even exist!). However, for those of us who are ‘always Christians’ (not meaning this boastfully), would it not be normal for our posts/statuses/tweets/etc to be often centered around our appreciation of Christ (whether quoting scripture, songs or mentioning Him)? I know that, for me anyway, I have many Facebook friends that I never even see anymore….past classmates, people I knew from other places I have lived, etc. I feel that it is part of my ‘mission field’, per se, to present Christ to these friends in the only way I have to reach out to them- social media. I also have friends that are professed atheists and a few agnostics. If I were to see them in public they would not want to hear what they willing read me ‘say’ on Fb. A friend from high school who is an atheist has even written to tell me that, even though he does not agree with my views, he has not ‘hidden’ me on Fb and that he always reads my posts because I (his words) ‘don’t shove God down his throat.’
    I guess there may be social media Christians out there…even though I don’t like to think so. However, I know that there are also Christians out there that may be more timid/shy/quiet (I’m married to one! 😉 ) and they may feel more comfortable sharing their faith thru cyber-space rather than face-to-face. But I do agree that consistency is the key. No one should be surprised to meet the real me. But sometimes I just wanna scream & shout about my faith in Christ!!!! Ya know?!?!? Haha. So, sue me 😉

    Love ya, Rob 🙂

    • Oh I totally agree with you. This post was never against those whose life proclaims Christ and it just comes out on social media. More power to those who do that and of course use whatever means to spread the gospel. But, I have personally seen posts by people that I have to sit there and scratch my head like “hmmmm I know you and that just doesn’t line up…” Which is why by the end what I wanted to get across was consistency. Something God has gripped me about first and I think is a vital lesson for us all.

      Thanks for reading!

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