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Biblical Interpretation Series – Part 3 of 3 – CTJ #56

Here in Episode #56, we are closing the 3-part series on Biblical Interpretation.  With last week’s episode featuring Dr. John Walton, we wanted to take the time to think through all the information we discussed before taking a final swing at the material.  We discuss our own personal growth during this short series, truth, translations, studying, and how to handle new evidences on varying degrees of Biblical doctrine & truth.  We hope you will find this episode, and this series, as helpful, and challenging, as we have as we wrap up.

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Biblical Interpretation Series – 1 of 3 – CTJ #54

This week, in episode #54, we are starting a 3 part series on Biblical Interpretation and Understanding.  Now, we realize that none of us are Biblical scholars but we feel that is exactly what our podcast highlights – ordinary people who are seeking to follow Jesus the best that we can everyday.  This includes constantly studying the Bible to see how we can better represent God to the world.  We start the discussion this week talking about inspiration, interpretation, and what non-scholars should be doing about the difficult passages that have caused debates for millennia. 

As a side note, the third episode of this series will feature Dr. John Walton, so if you have any topics you want discussed or specific questions, please submit them to us before May 22nd, 2019.

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