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The Western Culture: Guns, Patriotism, and Politics – CTJ# 32

This *could* be Part 1 of a Series called: “Christianity in the Western Culture” and we will cover a few points this week including: Guns & Protection, Patriotism & Protests, Wealth & Success, Individualism, Knowledge and Understanding.

After catching up, Tim and Rob discuss Guns, Politics, and of course, Donald Trump.  A late night recording produces a more unfiltered and raw episode this week as we discuss the Vegas shooting, guns, politics, Donald Trump, and how Christianity fits into all of these topics.  We have an obligation as Christians to continue living after the calling of the gospel – no matter the circumstances, political landscape, or current events.

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CTJ #19: The Christian’s Reaction to Orlando Shooting

On this episode, Jordan and Tim talk about the tragic events that unfolded in Orlando.  How do Christians react to such a divided country?  Jordan and Tim share their observations and ways for Christians to respond to these Orlando shootings.  There are so many ripple effects that weigh in on the issues at hand so join us as we discuss these incredibly emotional topics.

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CTJ #10 – Guns, Trump, Terrorism, Islam and the Christian

Join Tim and Rob as they discuss the current events as seen in the media recently, including Terrorism & Islam, Donald Trump, Guns, Refugees and how a Christian should be respond to all of these things.  We are not religious scholars, political theorists, or public relation experts but our focus this week is simply how a Christian’s attitude, motive, and response should be so much different than how we (as Christians) are reacting now.  Is there hope?  Is there a path for correction?

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