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Toxic Masculinity & Gillette – CTJ #44

Here we are in Episode #44, about to get ourselves in trouble.  We decided to take on some recent viral news, the Gillette ad.  While our segway story left a bit to be desired our purpose in talking about this topic is start the discussion of where toxic masculinity comes from, dispel any rumor that the Bible is to blame, and encourage all of us to be the men, or women, that God called us to be.  Let’s join the conversation for this week.


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CTJ# 25: The Feminist Interview

This week, Justine joins us to discuss feminism.  This really wasn’t a debate – we wanted to better understand the pretenses of feminism from someone who was willing to discuss and be asked questions.  This is just a feminist interview.  We discussed the Women’s March and what it meant, coming from someone who attended one of the marches first hand! We tried to dig down to some of the depths of what feminism means and see how they align with the Biblical world view.  And, as Tim always tends to do, we discussed the political undertones (and perhaps overtones) of the recent events and how it all ties together.

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