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Be Anxious for Nothing? CTJ #34

This week is a special episode with Rob and Tim where Tim shares his personal experience over the last few months with anxiety.  He felt it was important to share his story, lessons learned, and empathize with any listeners who struggle with anxiety.  We talk through some of the stigmas, the insecurities, how social media influences it, and many other aspects of anxiety.

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CTJ #10 – Guns, Trump, Terrorism, Islam and the Christian

Join Tim and Rob as they discuss the current events as seen in the media recently, including Terrorism & Islam, Donald Trump, Guns, Refugees and how a Christian should be respond to all of these things.  We are not religious scholars, political theorists, or public relation experts but our focus this week is simply how a Christian’s attitude, motive, and response should be so much different than how we (as Christians) are reacting now.  Is there hope?  Is there a path for correction?

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