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An Evangelical’s Guide to Lent – CTJ #47

We are about two weeks into the Lenten season this year so this week we have Paul Gutaker back on the show to discuss Lent.  We wanted to talk about what it is, what is the purpose, what should we do, and the application personally and corporately in the church.  As always, we find ourselves talking about a lot of the surrounding issues but discover some good guidelines for our attitude and activities during this particular season.

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CTJ #29: Authentic Christianity – What is Authenticity?

Authentic Christianity” is one of those buzz words in Christian circles that we all like to rattle off.  We all want to be known for our authenticity.  This week, Jordan is on the episode again, with Tim and Rob, to discuss the true meaning of authenticity for Christians.  Is it more than just being open about our brokenness?  Is it that at all?  What does it really mean to be an authentic Christian and what does that look like practically?  Join us to hear our thoughts this week.

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