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CTJ #21: Donald Trump – Christian Conservative Movement

Donald Trump.  The best choice for the Christian Conservative?

This week, after a long hiatus, Tim and Rob discuss a very hot topic in the media lately.  Donald J Trump.  Is the Donald Trump Christian Conservative movement valid in their effort to exalt him so proudly?  Has the Christian Right lost their way in political blindness and bias?  Is ANYONE better than the wicked witch of the left?  Join us as we discuss rant about Donald Trump and the Christian Conservatives backing of him.

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CTJ #20: Worth the Wait?

Episode #20!  A milestone for CTJ, thanks for continuing to listen.  This week, after a long hiatus due to someone on the podcast getting married, we are back to discuss…. marriage.  Tim has 10 days experience at this point and looks to unload all of his experience and wisdom on the blessing that is marriage.  We also can’t help but discuss Trump – as that is the flavor of the month for the media, Christians, and generally the entire world!  Join us as we dive into this week’s topics and learn about Tim’s new book!

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CTJ #10 – Guns, Trump, Terrorism, Islam and the Christian

Join Tim and Rob as they discuss the current events as seen in the media recently, including Terrorism & Islam, Donald Trump, Guns, Refugees and how a Christian should be respond to all of these things.  We are not religious scholars, political theorists, or public relation experts but our focus this week is simply how a Christian’s attitude, motive, and response should be so much different than how we (as Christians) are reacting now.  Is there hope?  Is there a path for correction?

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