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Toxic Masculinity & Gillette – CTJ #44

Here we are in Episode #44, about to get ourselves in trouble.  We decided to take on some recent viral news, the Gillette ad.  While our segway story left a bit to be desired our purpose in talking about this topic is start the discussion of where toxic masculinity comes from, dispel any rumor that the Bible is to blame, and encourage all of us to be the men, or women, that God called us to be.  Let’s join the conversation for this week.


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Christianity & Church Culture – CTJ #38

This is episode #38, and is the first time where we get so derailed from the Christian in the News segment that it overtakes the whole podcast.  We discuss Christianity and the local church model and how history gives us some insight into current practices.  We will look to turn this into a much deeper discussion in the future but we hope you enjoy the brief overview this week.

The Impact of Social Media: Part 1 – CTJ #36

How has Social Media impacted the world?  What about the individual?  What about the Christian?  What about the Church?

These are the questions we will seek to answer on this series of podcasts about the Impact of Social Media.  Part 1 will mainly focus on society as a whole down to the individual and then start to cross over to how it has impacted Christians individually.  Now that a sufficient amount of time has passed since the dawn of Social Media, there are numerous studies, findings, and consequences coming out that we want to explore.

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Part 2: Be Anxious For Nothing? CTJ #35

One episode just wasn’t enough to cover the huge topic of Anxiety – if you didn’t catch the first episode check that out here (Episode 34).  This episode, Jordan joins Tim and Rob to further the discussion about anxiety.  We touch on Tim’s experiences and realizations after the last episode especially focusing in on spiritual mediocrity and how lazy Christianity affects every other area of our lives.  We dial into Christian basics, connecting with God, marriage, insecurities, and more.

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Be Anxious for Nothing? CTJ #34

This week is a special episode with Rob and Tim where Tim shares his personal experience over the last few months with anxiety.  He felt it was important to share his story, lessons learned, and empathize with any listeners who struggle with anxiety.  We talk through some of the stigmas, the insecurities, how social media influences it, and many other aspects of anxiety.

We would love to hear your input and experiences as well so please send us messages or emails with your thoughts about the episode.

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CTJ #29: Authentic Christianity – What is Authenticity?

Authentic Christianity” is one of those buzz words in Christian circles that we all like to rattle off.  We all want to be known for our authenticity.  This week, Jordan is on the episode again, with Tim and Rob, to discuss the true meaning of authenticity for Christians.  Is it more than just being open about our brokenness?  Is it that at all?  What does it really mean to be an authentic Christian and what does that look like practically?  Join us to hear our thoughts this week.

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CTJ #26: Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne is a Christian activist, author, and also one of the founding members of the Simple Way, which is located in our backyard – Philadelphia.  We sat at Shane’s kitchen table and  touched on a variety of topics that all center around the sanctity of life: abortion, capital punishment, refugees, homelessness, war, violence, and of course – politics.  Join us for an encouraging discussion with Shane Claiborne on authentic Christianity lived out by loving those around us.

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CTJ# 25: The Feminist Interview

This week, Justine joins us to discuss feminism.  This really wasn’t a debate – we wanted to better understand the pretenses of feminism from someone who was willing to discuss and be asked questions.  This is just a feminist interview.  We discussed the Women’s March and what it meant, coming from someone who attended one of the marches first hand! We tried to dig down to some of the depths of what feminism means and see how they align with the Biblical world view.  And, as Tim always tends to do, we discussed the political undertones (and perhaps overtones) of the recent events and how it all ties together.

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CTJ #22: Keeping a Christ Centered Marriage

We have all said the words about our relationships “oh yes, we have a very Christ centered marriage” or relationship or friendship – whatever the case.  However, how true are those statements?

Paul Tripp once said, “either Jesus lives in the 10,000 little moments of your life or he does not live in your life at all.”  We discuss what it means to have a Christ centered marriage – in that it starts with a Christ centered life.  This topic is even more relevant in today’s world that is drifting further and further from God.  Our lives should speak of Christ – and our marriages should be telling others the gospel.  Join us as we discuss this vast topic – that we don’t even begin to feel that we’ve somehow mastered or accomplished.

Especially on this podcast – we would love to have your input and experiences!

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CTJ #19: The Christian’s Reaction to Orlando Shooting

On this episode, Jordan and Tim talk about the tragic events that unfolded in Orlando.  How do Christians react to such a divided country?  Jordan and Tim share their observations and ways for Christians to respond to these Orlando shootings.  There are so many ripple effects that weigh in on the issues at hand so join us as we discuss these incredibly emotional topics.

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