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CTJ #12: The Christian Dating Discussion: Part 2

For the first time, CTJ has ladies on the podcast!  Tim and Rob are joined by Sarah and Julia (their fiancee and wife, respectively).  This episode we continue the discussion from the last episode and dig into dating with a purpose, marriage and unrealistic expectations.

Join us this week, and as always:

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CTJ #11: The Christian Dating Discussion: Part 1

Tim, Jordan, and Rob begin a series of podcasts on Christian Dating, Relationships, and Singleness.  This week, they address the concerns they have about the Christian Dating Scene that is prominent right now.  Are Christians going into dating with the right motives and with the proper maturity?  What is the purpose of dating?  How should parents and the local church community be better preparing the youth for dating properly and effectively?  Do guys properly pursue relationships and are girls straight forward enough?  So many topics to cover!

The guys share their thoughts but please share your own thoughts on the podcast!

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CTJ #10 – Guns, Trump, Terrorism, Islam and the Christian

Join Tim and Rob as they discuss the current events as seen in the media recently, including Terrorism & Islam, Donald Trump, Guns, Refugees and how a Christian should be respond to all of these things.  We are not religious scholars, political theorists, or public relation experts but our focus this week is simply how a Christian’s attitude, motive, and response should be so much different than how we (as Christians) are reacting now.  Is there hope?  Is there a path for correction?

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CTJ #9: Pastors & The Church

Join Tim and Jordan as they discuss the pastor in the local church and talk about the modern day role we’ve made it to be compared to how it is described in the Bible.

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CTJ #8: Music and the Church: Ft. Jesse Renaud

In this episode of Coffee Theology and Jesus, special guest Jesse Renaud joins Tim as they dive into music and the Church. Where is the line with musical excellence and a heart who wants to worship? Is it wrong to have a Sunday morning worship set look like a concert? These are just a few questions they dive into. If you’re a musician and you play in the Church then you’re going to love this episode!

CTJ #7: Theology & a Red Cup – Why it Matters

For the first time – Tim, Jordan, and Rob discuss coffee, theology, and Jesus all in the same podcast.  We sit down to discuss the #merrychristmasstarbucks video and “movement” started by Joshua Feuerstein.  This leads us to discuss the importance of theology and how it affects our lives in a practical sense.  Join us as we discuss these things and more on this episode.

CTJ #6: Unity in the Gospel

This week, Dan is our guest on the CTJ Podcast.  We discuss the unity of the universal church as it relates to various churches in the same locale outreaching to the community with the gospel.   Is discipleship simply leading people to Christ or is it more than that?  Join us as we talk about our differing views on this great topic!

CTJ #5: What is a Christian, really?

Join Tim, Jordan and Rob as they discuss the basics of Christianity and what it means to be a Christian.  Do works save us?  Are works necessary?  At the core what does being a Christian require?


Let us know your thoughts.  Do you agree? Disagree?

CTJ #4: Guest – Hans Hageman

Today, guest Hans Hageman joins the CTJ podcast to discuss the Democratic Debate and Politics, Christians and the LGBT community and individuals, and even touch on the existence of God and the gospel.

Tune in and let us know your thoughts!

CTJ #3: What Jesus Definitely Thought About Guns

Check out our newest episode! We talk about guns, mental health and Christian “rights”.

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