Greetings my friends and fellow bloggers.  Rob notified me that today is our one year anniversary on this blog.  I (Tim) want thank all of you guys so much for reading the thoughts I’ve posted on here.  From your great feedback, to thought provoking comments, I truly appreciate you taking the time to read the things that come out of my head.  I started the blog last year because my Facebook was overflowing with comments from the statuses I would post.  I decided that starting a blog would be the best way to be able to expound on my thoughts while also allowing a place for people to respond.  I asked Rob to join me on this because he provides a different perspective and because he has a great ability to fully articulate his points.  On top of that he is one of the most solid men of God I have met and has taught me much about Christianity and the Scriptures.

Many of you have told me in person or through a private message how much you enjoy reading the posts on this site.  It means so much to me that Rob and I are able to provide thought provoking posts that get all of us thinking more about the world we live in.   I’m looking forward to another year full of posts that get all of us to think more about the Kingdom of God, and what that looks like fleshed out in reality. – Tim




Well a year ago today we joined WordPress because Tim’s facebook was getting overflown with comments and he was sick of the notifications. I’m thankful Tim asked me to join him on this journey as he has taught me so much about Christ, Christians, and the scripture. But most of all, thank you (our readers) for taking the time to read our blog when we post. I have a ton of things going through my head every day and it helps to get them out and hope you find encouragement from our posts. Lots of changes have happened over the past year but we will continue on as long as you keep reading! – Rob