Have you’ve seen the newest Nicki Minaj video for her new single out Anaconda? I’m not going to talk about the musical trash the music industry consistently puts out on this post.  I could go on and on…and on….and on…about that.  No, this post is about something entirely different.  It’s about the way our culture views sexual exploitation and the hypocritical stance so many people (coughcoughCHRISTIANScoughcough) take on this issue.



I first heard about this video particularly making waves because of how explicit the video itself is.  The video mainly consists of scantily clad women shaking their butts at a camera with a lap dance or two thrown in.  I personally saw the first 30 seconds before I turned it off.  The video is arguably soft core pornography and the lyrics that accompany it could probably be found in an erotic novel.


Now to be clear, I’m not really shocked about the video.  I mean it’s the hyper-sexulized-music-industry-machine.  It’s always been pushing the limit on what they can show to the public without being banned.  Last year we got to witness Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball naked while seductively licking a sledgehammer (her video by the way won video of the year recently) so I’m not exactly shocked that a music video involving Nicki Minaj close to naked and twerking her butt came out for public viewing.


What is so surprising to me is the amount of Christians in particular female Christians who apparently think that the video is hilarious and funny and the song is “so catchy”.  These are some of the same girls mind you, that I see posting about stopping the sexual exploitation of women and I just can’t help but look at this and ask what am I missing here?

I mean as Christians this is the type of stuff that we should be standing against.  We stand against the exploitation of women for money right?  We should be standing against women selling their bodies for fame or for approval, not passing it around like a hot potato on Facebook.   How is it that we as Christians will denounce pornography, we will denounce human trafficking, but we laugh and share a video like Anaconda? It honestly makes me angry.


We love to post about our new moral stances and demand justice…unless we like it.  I mean sure, we say pornography is wrong…but studies show that most of us reading this are either addicted to it or have seen it as some point.  Sure we say that women should respect their bodies and men have no right to take advantage of them (rightfully so)….but then we share a video like Anaconda…I mean really? So because it’s a celebrity that suddenly makes it ok? Because it’s a music super star (I use the music part here loosely, it’s ok? It’s ok that Nicki is close to naked with the camera zoomed in on her butt while she gives a guy a lap dance because she’s…popular?


I wonder what Jesus would say to Nicki if they were in a room together.  I think Jesus would tell Nicki how much he loved her, and how much it hurt him to see Nicki use her body the way she does because it was never designed to be used that way.  I think Jesus would tell Nicki “to go and sin no more” and to join in on the radical gospel movement because there is plenty of room at the table for her.  I doubt Jesus would share that video with the disciples and say “Omg have you seen this yet? Look at how she dances!”.


When we claim publicly (especially on Facebook) to be followers of Jesus, and then share videos like that, we shoot ourselves in the foot and contribute to the mindset so many people have of Christians; that we are hypocritical.


My generation has brought so much good attention to the hyper-sexualized world we live in and I’m grateful for it.  More and more people are exposing toxic industries like the pornography industry and the sex trafficking industry.  But let’s not fight against one side of hyper-sexulation while embracing another.  


Jesus calls us to love people and to call them to a different way a living. One of freedom, out of bondage and into a life of fullness.  When we promote and view videos like Nicki’s we give our stamp of approval and tighten the chains around her arms instead of showing her how to break them.

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