DISCLAIMER: The following post was written by my father Tim Whitaker Sr.  It does not necessarily reflect my views on the issue.  This article is written with a heavy satire tone.  These are one man’s opinion and experience on a very complicated issue. 


Hoax and Chains –


One man’s experience with Obummer care

Hi there, may name is Tim Whitaker Sr, the greedy vice president of T. Whitaker Painting, Inc. – an evil woman owned corporation.  Let me tell you a little about our company. We make an absurd amount of illicit money on the backs of slave laborers two of which are our own sons.  Here are some of our many transgressions that we are being punished for:

1. Employing 8 people, the least of whom makes double the minimum wage, most of whom make 20/hour or more.  Our subs make 45-80 dollars an hour. We clearly take advantage of our workers.  Oh, and we pay them for their lunch break too. Plus we force them to work here – they have no choice.
2. Paying all the associated costs of doing a legitimate business in NJ – Workmans comp. insurance, general liability insurance, business liscence, cost of vehicles/maintenence, Federal taxes, state taxes (hey we pay local taxes too), corporation taxes, etc. et. A total of $125,000 of expenses before be begin to see a penny and that does NOT include any payroll or health insurance.
3. Add in $24,000 per year for health insurance JUST for our family (more on that in a minute)
4. We support our church with our time and money (that’s very, very evil)
5. We give to those in need, loan to others and have just co-signed a loan for someone with bad credit that needed to have their car repaired.
6. I personally work on average 80 hours a week between working on the job, doing estimates, getting materials, doing proposals, finding out why so and so is late, etc. etc.
7. My wife who runs our office puts in similar hours
8. Our smoke filled back office where we do our shady deals is actually our kitchen table.  I usually have to push a stack of papers aside to make room for a piece of french toast and a cup of jo.

You get the picture, and again, my apologies for running an evil corporation that actually has turned a profit (oops, am I allowed to use that word?) for 27 years.  But don’t worry, we have been punished – again.

Which brings me to Obummer care, AKA “The Affordable Care Act”. You know, the bill that needed to be passed “So we can see what’s in it”.  


We just had the displeasure of receiving a letter from our insurance company (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) stating that our health insurance is CANCELLED SINCE IT DOESN’T MEET THE GOVERNMENTS CRITERIA.  



Now wait a minute, didn’t I hear somewhere, someplace, sometime, something about “If you like your insurance plan you can keep your insurance plan”?  Hmmm, well at least I’ll be saving the 2,500 dollars a year we were promised during Obummers campaign, right? Um, sadly, no – just another lie.  We will now be paying – get this – $32,000 and change for the health insurance JUST FOR MY FAMILY.  That’s not a typo – let me spell that out for you – thirty two thousand dollars a year.  And this thing is called the “Affordable Care Act”?

Obama should be in prison right now along with Pelosi and Reed as well as many others for forcing this unconstitutional scam on the American people.

As for me, I’m toying with learning from the illegal immigrants who have stolen so many of our jobs – just use the emergency room as the doctors office. 

So how’s that hoax and chains working for ya?