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CTJ #21: Donald Trump – Christian Conservative Movement

Donald Trump.  The best choice for the Christian Conservative?

This week, after a long hiatus, Tim and Rob discuss a very hot topic in the media lately.  Donald J Trump.  Is the Donald Trump Christian Conservative movement valid in their effort to exalt him so proudly?  Has the Christian Right lost their way in political blindness and bias?  Is ANYONE better than the wicked witch of the left?  Join us as we discuss rant about Donald Trump and the Christian Conservatives backing of him.

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  1. I liked the section about double-mindedness around minute 35 onwards.

    It’s a problem when we have a big slant on our perspectives, and usually it’s due to self-interest and cognitive biases.

    You said he has no brilliant track record for treating women well. Wondering where you looked and for how long. (I’m not a Trump supporter, just wondering if you used your own cognitive biases against Trump or if you researched cases where he reportedly stood for fair treatment of women or treated women nicely.)

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