This is weird.  A blog? I don’t blog.  In fact I think blogging is stupid.  But here I am….blogging.

Welcome to our blog, this is a place where we will be posting some of our thoughts on our faith.  It is growing, changing, and molding as we discover new thing about Jesus.  This started from some facebook statuses that ended up becoming huge conversations.  So we moved it here, where people can share more of their thoughts, where they are not bombarded by a million notifications, and this also allows the bloggers (Kyle, Rob, and Tim) to be able to explain more of why they are thinking the thought they are presenting.

Challenge us, wrestle with us (because we are already wrestling), and ask questions.  If you have a thought let us know, we can let you post on here too.  This is not about three people, this is about the Church, the living breathing church, discovering new parts of their faith, asking tough questions, and then doing the even tougher thing; attempting to answer them.  Asking questions is easy, it’s finding the answers that is the tough part.

Few disclaimers

1.  We absolutely love Jesus, the Bible, and the Church.  Any questions we ask, or statements we make are out of passion for what we have molded our lives around.  This is not a blog bashing Christianity, the Church, or even the tradition.  However that doesn’t mean that we don’t have thoughts that maybe challenge these things.

2. Post and post and post, opinion, conversation, make it happen.

3. This blog is open to anyone, whatever your beliefs are, you are welcome to challenge these things with respect.

I don’t read blogs…but for those of you reading this one, thank you! Join in on this conversation.