Following Rob’s Lead…

Name: Kyle

Age: 25

Profession: Physical Therapist Assistant

I am no expert in the Bible, philosophy, theology, history, greek or hebrew.  I am a guy who loves Jesus and was pumped when Tim asked me to be a part of this.  I’ve been a Christian for 3 1/2 years and its been a wild ride.  This blog is an opportunity for me to get to know other people better, let them learn about me, and most importantly talk about topics that are huge in our lives.  I love music, bass guitar, youtube, muscle cars, italian food, reading, working out, soccer and many other things.  I love engaging in conversation and finding out why people believe what they believe.  Talking with people leads to learning new things and more importantly new relationships.

Jesus Christ is why I am alive.  In Him I have new life and am a new creature.