Coffee, Theology, and Jesus has now started a Podcast!  We feel that while blogging is a great tool for getting a singular message or point across we also see great benefit to sitting down (with coffee of course) and discussing current events, Christian living, theology and life in a free environment with many opinions represented.

We will have a bit of a revolving “panel” of hosts on the show.  We believe that getting diverse opinions and differing world views together to discuss all sides of the issues will open our minds to thinking about things deeper and with more compassion.  It is one thing to think we know what people of other views are like but an entirely different thing to sit down and get to know the what, why, and how of them.

So join us as we enjoy some freshly brewed coffee, open conversation, great friendship and deep discussion.

If you are interested in joining in on a podcast, send us an email at: