I figured I should write a short intro post about me and desire Tim and Kyle to do the same.

The title “Rob: The Engineer” comes from my occupation as stated above (Mechanical Engineer).  I have, what I have labeled, an “Engineering Mind”.  Although I tend to be a very emotional person, rare for a male I know, my brain thrives on logic.  When I don’t know how something works/functions, I will investigate until I understand.  When I was just a kid my older brothers four wheeler wasn’t running right so I grabbed my dad’s tools, took off the carburetor, disassembled it, and discovered that the floats inside were gunked up.  After a thorough cleaning and reassembly, the engine was running like new.  I didn’t know how the engine worked at such a young age, but I had to figure out what was going on.  I have always been this way with cars/motors/gears/mechanical systems, which is why I went into the field of mechanical engineering.  It just made sense.  Maybe I’ll throw up some blogs on how to change your oil or replace your engine.  However, my “Engineering Mind” extends further than the mechanical systems in this complex world of ours.  As I have mentioned logic appeals to my brain.  For example, when I trusted Christ as my personal Savior, this wasn’t an emotional decision for me.  For many years I struggled with the logic of salvation, i.e. “How could this be real”.  So I had to logically think it out, study, and see things for myself.  When I had reached the end of my rope, realized that without God there is no purpose in life, I came to Christ in all of my need as He is the only one “seeking to save”.  It was a logical decision for me to trust Christ (don’t worry that is not all that I think it was).  This same thinking carries over into my everyday life. When my girlfriend tells me something that happened, my “engineering mind” kicks in and I have this desire to figure out “why?”  Sometimes it gets on her nerves.  I have a difficult time letting go of things people do without knowing the reasoning for it.  For instance, she told me the other day about this group of kids that went to a nearby amusement park.  The group that she said went included two kids who have their drivers license.  However, the mother of a few of the boys drove them there (it is about an hour away) and came home and another one of the mothers would go pick them up.  The logic didn’t make sense to me.  I asked many questions trying to figure it out until I finally asked the right person and found out that the two with the drivers licenses didn’t actually go and my logic was satisfied.  So, how does this all relate to this blog?  Well, I seek to write based upon logic and reason.  Sure there will most likely be some emotion as well.  But my brain operates on logic and figuring things out.  I enjoy life from different angles and want to share the things going through my head.  Some may read a few sentences and realize I’m crazier than you’d ever imagined.  That’s ok.  I’m not denying the fact. With three authors to this blog all will see three different opinions on topics from slightly different “world views.” We hope you enjoy!