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Celebrity Christian Culture – Kanye West, Francis Chan, John Crist – CTJ #60

Thank you to all our current listeners for joining us for our 60th episode – thank you to all our new listeners for joining us this week! This episode we touch on a variety of topics in the news recently including Kanye West converting to Christianity, Francis Chan’s announcement of moving to Asia, John MacArthur’s condemnation of women in leadership, and John Crist’s sexual misconduct.  We use these topics as a spring board to discuss the “Celebrity Christian” culture in America and as usual, find ourselves talking about lots more.

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The Gospel and Witnessing – CTJ #59

This week, on episode #59, we touch on a topic that invades almost every episode of our podcast, the Gospel and Evangelism.  The discussion starts as a result of the recent event sponsored by Focus on the Family “Bring your Bible to School Day”.  We discuss what the gospel is and what are ways that we are called to preach it.  The discussion continues into the recent news of Florida Georgia Line having Chris Tomlin lead concert goers in worship.  We discuss guidelines for evangelizing and witnessing in light of this news.  Join us as we have a lively discussion, just scratching the surface of the gospel.

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Leaving the Faith, Like Joshua Harris – CTJ #58

In 1997, there was a book that went “viral” in the Christian circles by a young 21 year old single author named Joshua Harris. The book was “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” and brought purity, courtship, and dating to the forefront of many conversations.

A lot has happened since 1997, not the least of which is Joshua Harris being one of a growing number of “influencers” to announce their departure from Christianity. On the podcast this week, Tim and Jordan are joined by guest Jesse Renaud to discuss Joshua Harris’ recent tweets, the response from John Cooper, church culture, legalism, and sincere questioning.

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Response to “Defecting From Bethel” – CTJ #57

Here in Episode #57, we have a bit of a response discussion to a three part series of podcasts on the Cultish show called “Defecting From Bethel” with Lindsay Davis.  After we listened to these episodes, we wanted to discuss some of the things said as well as some themes found throughout their discussion with Lindsay.  While there is much more that could be analyzed about the interview and we only played a small selection of sound clips, we use them as a springboard for a bigger discussion.  We would encourage all of our listeners to listen to the entire series on the Cultish podcast and think through these topics as well.

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The Cultish Series – Defecting From Bethel:
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Biblical Interpretation Series – Part 3 of 3 – CTJ #56

Here in Episode #56, we are closing the 3-part series on Biblical Interpretation.  With last week’s episode featuring Dr. John Walton, we wanted to take the time to think through all the information we discussed before taking a final swing at the material.  We discuss our own personal growth during this short series, truth, translations, studying, and how to handle new evidences on varying degrees of Biblical doctrine & truth.  We hope you will find this episode, and this series, as helpful, and challenging, as we have as we wrap up.

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Guest: Dr. John Walton – Biblical Interpretation Series – CTJ #55

This week, in episode #55, we are continuing a series on Biblical Interpretation and Understanding.  On this episode, since we are not “experts,” we are joined by an expert, Dr. John Walton, who is currently a professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College. Our discussion includes the ancient near east, Genesis 1, Biblical literature genres, changes of understanding over time, inspiration of scripture, and the timeless message of the Bible. We hope you enjoy our continued discussion on Biblical Interpretation with Dr. John Walton.

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Dr. John Walton References:
Wheaton College Bio
Intervarsity Press Bio & Books
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Some Referenced Books:
The Bible Background Commentary
The Lost World of Genesis One
The Lost World of Adam and Eve
The Lost World of the Torah
The Lost World of Scripture

Biblical Interpretation Series – 1 of 3 – CTJ #54

This week, in episode #54, we are starting a 3 part series on Biblical Interpretation and Understanding.  Now, we realize that none of us are Biblical scholars but we feel that is exactly what our podcast highlights – ordinary people who are seeking to follow Jesus the best that we can everyday.  This includes constantly studying the Bible to see how we can better represent God to the world.  We start the discussion this week talking about inspiration, interpretation, and what non-scholars should be doing about the difficult passages that have caused debates for millennia. 

As a side note, the third episode of this series will feature Dr. John Walton, so if you have any topics you want discussed or specific questions, please submit them to us before May 22nd, 2019.

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Christian Grieving with Sharon Byrd – CTJ #53

This week Tim and Jordan have Sharon on to discuss Christian Grieving.  This is one of those topics that is part of the human experience that even the Lord Himself displayed at times (think of Jesus weeping at the tomb of Lazarus in John 11).  Dealing with grief is different for everyone so we brought Sharon on to discuss her recent (and still current) season of grief in the passing of her mom due to cancer.  Tim and Jordan discuss her grief, how God helps in these times, and how a church community should support someone grieving.  We hope this helps you in these difficult seasons of life.

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Hoodology 101 with Pastor Carl Day – CTJ #52

This week we have a discussion with Pastor Carl Day, who works in the inner city of Philadelphia, PA and Glen Ridge, NJ for Culture Changing Christians Worship Center as well as the President and Founder of the outreach non-profit organization “Culture Changing Christians, Inc.”  We had Pastor Carl on to discuss race, reaching those that society has forgotten, and honestly get a little lesson in hoodology, as he called it.  We begin the episode by hearing his personal testimony which launches the conversation into many different areas. We learned a lot and had a great discussion and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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Leaving Calvinism, An Interview with Dr. Leighton Flowers – CTJ #51

We’ve hinted at this topic for a few episodes now and it’s finally here!  This week we interview Dr. Leighton Flowers on his journey of leaving Calvinism.  Dr. Flowers currently serves as the Director of Evangelism and Apologetics for Texas Baptists, an adjunct professor for Trinity Seminary, and host of Soteriology 101 podcast.  Our intention of this interview was to get the personal story behind Dr. Flowers journey into and out of Calvinism.  This discussion covers many aspects of the debate including definition of terms, humility in Biblical studying, the impact of “reformed” theology, and more.  Join us as we interview Dr. Flowers on leaving Calvinism.

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Dr. Leighton Flowers Links:

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